Thursday, 24 June 2010

72 days to go

until the Royal Adelaide Show starts.  I had forgotten that I hadn’t sent my entry in for the Cookery section of the show this year, so I had to quickly do it last Thursday and mail it in with one day till closing.


Yesterday, I received notification that my entry form had got there in time, so I guess I had better have a few trial runs.  This year I am going to make some preserves for the Jams & Preserves Novice section, I’m planning to get that out of the way in the next couple of weeks, then when it comes to show week, I will just have to bake some bread, a carrot cake and some muffins.  No Anzac biscuits, friands or shortbread this year and I already have volunteers to test the carrot cake and muffins on, which will be a big help because while I like a muffin or a piece of carrot cake every now and then, both the Mister and I were quite sick of them by the time the show started.

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  1. your taste testers have a good job:) have fun getting it all ready


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