Sunday, 9 May 2010

Weekly roundup

This last week has gone fast, though I don’t feel that I have done anything muchIMG_3819.  As the weather is starting to get cooler, I went through all my warm weather clothes and put aside the ones that I didn’t wear this past summer and then put the remainder away ready for next summer.  Then I hung my cooler weather clothes in the wardrobe, I must not have as many winter clothes as there seems to be quite a lot of room in there now.

I got out in the garden today, weeded a bit, planted the garlic and cut back the zucchini, I couldn’t bear to take it out just yet, as there are still some small zucchini growing on it.  The broad beans are really taking off this year, I have been keeping an eye on where the sun shines in our garden and have noticed that we actually get very little direct sun on quite a large part of the back yard, so I have tried to plant the veges where they will get more sunlight, even planting some in the front yard.


I didn’t seem to get many blocks done on my quilt this week, sometimes it’s like that, other things get in the way.

These two are C8 and D1, both foundation pieced (on the machine of course).  The fabric I used on C8 was from a piece of  blue fabric that I won in a giveaway that Heather of  Retro-fabulous blog held a few weeks ago, so that block will be a nice reminder of that.


This picture shows J3 (I hand pieced the curved parts and then paper foundation pieced the corner triangles), and J2 which was just foundation pieced,





… and finally LS8 (the triangle) which I changed slightly so it looked more like the original picture in the Dear Jane book, and M6 which was another block where I hand pieced the centre and then foundation pieced the border bits.

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  1. Pip - congratulations on getting 6 more blocks done! They turned out beautiful! I love all the pretty shades of blue you are using to make your quilt.


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