Monday, 17 May 2010

UFO finished


I started this stitchery well over a year ago, and as I wasn’t  making much progress with my Dear Jane I thought I would finish it.  I used some of the variegated thread that I got at the quilt exhibition on Saturday.  The design was part of a stitchery project from a Homespun magazine, I used part of the design to make a small hanging, which is part of a larger project that I am doing.


The sunset was quite spectacular tonight, very pink and red, this is the neighbour’s gum tree trunk, the photo doesn’t do it justice as it was glowing pink.  I dashed back inside for my camera and managed to get a couple of pictures before the sun disappeared.


  1. It's amazing how fleeting sunsets are!

  2. Congratulations on finishing up that stitchery!
    It looks wonderful from what I can see & I like the varigated threads you used on the flowers.

    Beautiful sunset on that gum tree too!


  3. Your stitching is lovely!

  4. With sun sets you just have to have the camera with you at all times. The shot you want has disappeared by the time it takes to go get it.
    Lovely pictures.

  5. I can see I am going to have to come back to our blog much more often. How interesting!!! If the picture didn't do justice to your neighbor's gum tree, it must have been beautiful indeed!!!

  6. I also love your stitchery project.


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