Sunday, 23 May 2010

Reached 60 today


Dear Jane blocks that is, I managed to get some time so I made this intermediate block today, E3 (Paddle Wheels), there is a mistake in it but I won’t be fixing it, after all “finished is better than perfect”.


This block C5 (Eye of the Cyclone) is going slowly, I machine pieced the inside round and I’m hand piecing the outer bits, the photo doesn’t really show it but they are not lining up properly, so I will have to unsew them and try again, my fault really as I didn’t pin them first.

I have a very loose target of finishing this particular quilt by the time I turn 60, which is 8 years away, and my other target is to do at least one block a week, this week I have made 4 blocks so I should be quite happy with that achievement, but for some reason I am not, I think it is because usually I sit down and spend a half day or whole day sewing, and this week I would sew a couple of seams then go away and do something else then come back to it so it feels as if I haven’t done very much.


  1. I had to check with the book what "mistake" you did. And ok, you switched also the fabrics :) It isn´t always so easy...and not so important either!

  2. Congratulations on reaching 60 baby janes! I think that your blocks are beautiful!
    I'm not looking forward to stitching block C5. I can only hope it comes along as lovely as yours!



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