Tuesday, 25 May 2010

IMG_3942 Our ISP sorted out their problems with connectivity, very frustrating for me, I would comment on a blog and then click to publish the comment, and up would come the words NO INTERNET CONNECTION so it was easier to turn the computer off and go to bed.  Yesterday was spent driving up country to attend a funeral, we didn’t return till quite late, hence the picture (I was the passenger).  We had good weather going up, but coming back there was a lot of rain which IMG_3943didn’t make for easy driving.

Today I decided to make the Block of the Week, K2 quite an easy one to make.  I machine sewed it as per the instructions on That Quilt blog and it has come out well.


While I was on a roll, I decided to do a triangle as well, LS11 which still needs to be trimmed back.  I also prepared the fabric for the Triangle of the Week, which is an all applique block consisting of 5 hearts of varying sizes, I plan to do one heart each night during the ad breaks on tv.

Now I’m off to catch up on all my blog and email reading.


  1. I did also K-2 today:) As if we had done them together...with a "little" distance.

  2. Gosh! It was really rainy last night! I could hear the cars swooshing on my main road.

  3. Pip, You have been very busy! Your block and tri look great!!


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