Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Organic Gardener magazine still available....

Does anyone want a March/April 2010 copy of Organic Gardener, somehow I seem to have acquired two copies.

If you do then email me your snail mail address at: restisnotidleness (at) gmail (dot) com
first in best dressed.

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  1. Hello Pip
    Thanks so much for popping in during April and commenting on my month long letter marathon. It was fun but I wil think long and hard about doing another one.
    I had to drop by today and say Hello as you and your beautiful blue quilt featured in my DREAMS last night - yes there it was hanging on one of MY walls lol
    I can't remember how it actually looked but do remember people saying how fabulous it was and me saying, yes, it came from Adelaide.
    How I got it I have no idea - I promise I'll not come and whisk it away from you when its finished - altho' Im sure I will want to as all those blocks are looking really good. You may have already mentioned how big it will be when finished - in my drream it almost filled one wall HUGE!!
    Take care


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