Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Meatloaf in the slowcooker

This is my usual meatloaf recipe  (I cut the milk back by half, if I was baking the meatloaf I use 1 cup of milk) that I cook in the oven except I usually lay rashers of bacon over the top and they go lovely and crispy, but that won’t work in a slow cooker.  This is the first time I have cooked a meatloaf in the slow cooker, it turned out lovely and moist, sometimes the baked one is a bit dry.

Meatloaf Recipe

1 onion, finely chopped                 2 tbsp butter

3 cups fresh breadcrumbs             2 eggs,            1/2 cup milk         1 tsp Dijon mustard (heaped)

fresh thyme, parsley and sage, finely chopped           1 tsp salt,     1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper

500 g each of beef mince and pork mince

Saute onion in butter till soft.  While the onion is cooking put the breadcrumbs, eggs, milk and mustard, into a large bowl, stir around till well mixed, add fresh herbs then the minced meats, add the cooked onion,mix it all together thoroughly (your hands are the best tool for this)

Put a piece of baking paper  (big enough to fit inside your slow cooker and up the sides, as you will use it to lift the meatloaf into and out of the cooker) on a board (or oven tray)  put the meatloaf mixture on it and mound into a loaf shape.  Using the edges of the baking paper, lift up the meatloaf and lower into the slow cooker (the baking paper will still be underneath the meatloaf).  Brush the meatloaf with: 2 tbsp  tomato sauce,  and 1 tbsp dark soy sauce mixed together. Put the lid on and cook on HIGH for 3 1/2 hours, leaving the lid ajar for the last 20 minutes of cooking, on LOW it would probably take about 6 hours.

I used the baking paper to lift it out of the slow cooker on to a large plate so I could slice it up, BE CAREFUL as there is a lot of cooking juices in the baking paper, if you can spoon some of them out, I didn’t realise this until I was halfway through and by sheer luck didn’t spill any.

You can use all beef if you like, I prefer the pork and mince mixture.  You can use more mustard if you like or even tomato sauce (ketchup), I use quite a lot of fresh herbs.  I usually fry a small piece of the meatloaf mixture to check that the seasoning is fine (use the pan you cooked the onions in)

One thing about cooking meatloaf in the slowcooker is that the meatloaf won’t really brown, which is why I put the tomato and soy sauce mixture on.


  1. ill definately have to try your meatloaf recipe, sounds nice. The only time ive had meatloaf was a girl guide picnic when i was little and i remember that i loved it

  2. This sounds wonderful Pip. I'll have to give the recipe to my husband to try (he's our resident chef around here...). Must be careful, one time someone took me literally that my husband was a chef by trade.... Not! He's just a wonderful cook.

    I also love the unique terms you use, like beef mince and pork mince. I had to think a second before it came to me... Love it! But what are rashers of bacon? I can assume it's slices of bacon, but does the word rashers have a specific meaning?

  3. I must try a scaled down version of this. Isn't mustard wonderful in mixes like this - all the heat cooks out leaving a wonderful flavour behind. Nearly all my burger and meatball mixes get a good dollop of dijon or a seeded mustard to help them along!

  4. I never thought about cooking meatloaf in a slow cooker. I always bake mine in the oven, but I guess this will work too. In fact, this might be easier ... just throw it together and let it go while at work. Thanks for the recipe.

    Mike Rocha

  5. Thanks for the recipe Pip....can't wait to try it


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