Saturday, 1 May 2010

May day

It has been one of those funny weeks where I don’t feel that I have done very much, maybe it’s because we had a long weekend.  I planted some rainbow chard seedlings which I hope will be the replacement for the silverbeet which I currently have growing.  The silverbeet was actually planted about this time last year and is still growing well, despite the lack of care.  We’ve had quite a few meals from them and I expect there are a few more there still.  I also planted snow peas and sugar snap peas on Monday and if I want some garlic this year I guess I had better plant that this weekend.


This picture is of my broad beans which I planted about 2 weeks ago, I’m a bit late with them this year, so I put them in the old potato bed, which I think gets more sun in winter, there are a few potatoes growing that I missed, who knows maybe I will get a few off them.  I certainly didn’t get very many potatoes last year, I think it got too hot at the wrong time of the year.


I finished off the triangle of the week BR8 (Thunderhead), I foundation paper pieced it and still managed to get the top part on wonky, and I can see that I have cut the points off on some of the triangles as well, but it doesn’t annoy me enough that I want to fix it.  The other one is C6, which I hand pieced using the templates, I’m quite pleased with the way it has come out. 


  1. It all continues to look amazing - and this from Michelle who doesn't like blue*. Your hand piecing is incredible.

    And I expect Cody is kept well away from this quilt's blocks.

    My Maroon monster lives in an old pillow slip to protect it from Zebby fur .... and claws.

    Have a glorious Sunday,

    Michelle, with a soundly sleeping under his "quilt" Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrumbles.

    * (too many years being dressed in older, blue eyed sister's cast offs. Sister and Mother have blue eyes - mine are hazel)

  2. Maybe there is some credence to your long weekend/short week theory because my week has felt the same here this week too. Not much done and struggling to even remember what I actually did.

  3. Pip,
    The latest versions are so striking! Lovely, rich colors. Have a pieceful day. =)

  4. Pip, your appliqued elipses are really well done. Very impressive!
    Love your blog.


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