Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I’ve been trying to get back into my walking again but haven’t been having a lot of success.  Last year I walked over 1000 kilometres and I think I focussed too much on walking as much distance as possible, so now this year I am a bit over the walking, however, I must do some form of exercise for my health so walking is it.


Sometimes I take my camera with me but more often I pick something up along the way and bring it home to take a picture of.  I love the colours of these berries (I think they might be from a pepper tree).


The colours of the leaves seem to go with the lizard and the edge of the tile, and I love how the leaves curve.


  1. beautiful photos Pip, wish I was as good with a camera!
    Oh, and half of my buttons are colour sorted and half are mixed> I don't mind how they are stored, I just love them!!

  2. Pip - what beautiful berries!
    You take wonderful pictures.
    How nice that you are able to find such treasures along your walks.



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