Saturday, 15 May 2010

I went to the Coromandel Valley Quilters' Exhibition today, there were just the right amount of quilts on display, I find that I can only look at so many quilts and then I seem to get visually fatigued.  Michelle Hill (who has written a book called William Morris in Applique)  was there along with a few of her very lovely quilts  (even the Mister was quite taken with one).  Photos were allowed but publishing them was not allowed, (but you can see some of Michelle’s quilts here),  the quilt show will still be on tomorrow (Sunday), at Weymouth Oval, Main Road, Coromandel Valley from 10am to 3pm, and they have quite a nice morning or afternoon tea for a gold coin donation.



As you can see, I did not come away empty handed as Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights was there and she had a small shop set up showcasing some of the things she sells in here online shop. I restrained myself and just go a small bundle of fat quarters and a skein of variegated embroidery thread.


  1. Lovely restraint Pip! Wish I went now!

  2. Excellent restraint! The colours look to be good for the blue and white wonder.

    Huggles from me, Zebbycat is snoring Very Loudly - one of his few skills, dear lad.

  3. good looking fabric Pip. I love variegated threads.


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