Sunday, 2 May 2010

Further proof that I have had a funny week, I rang my Mother this morning to wish her a Happy Mother’s day, while happy and pleased to receive my call, she told me that it was next Sunday.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter, Mum and I had a nice, leisurely chat.


I picked these autumn leaves up on my walk this morning, I looked for yellow ones as well, but as yet there were none to be seen. 




Scrabbling through the freezer this morning, trying to make a bit of room, I came across some blackberries that I had picked earlier in the year intending to make blackberry and apple jelly once I had accumulated enough from my foraging expeditions.  Sadly the council has ripped all the feral blackberries out, and there will be no more blackberries this year, instead of jelly we had blackberry and apple crumble.


Another Dear Jane block (L1 Widow’s Pane) completed this afternoon, I can see that the stitching is coming apart where I pulled off the foundation paper, so I’d better fix that up tomorrow.  At the moment I seem to be hopping all over the quilt doing blocks willy-nilly.  I need to finish a couple more rows so I can join some blocks together and then have a think about quilting them.


  1. Beautiful fabric choices, Pip. Another great one for your ever growing stack....I think I'm having Jane block envy!

  2. I was so inspired by your crumble in this post that I made apple crumble myself last night!

  3. I had blackberry & apple crumble in England las year, blackberries straight from the bush, BEST desert I've ever eaten.

  4. I love your fabrics and the crumble looks wonderful - We call it a crisp here in the south!


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