Friday, 9 April 2010

Some knitting maybe .....

I got this book from the library yesterday, see here and here for a couple of reviews.

The author Joanne Seiff has a blog called Yarnspinner, which I intend to visit in the next week or so. The book isn't just projects but also discussions on various types of fibres and their manufacture and the environmental impact i.e. whether a lot of water has been used in their production , how much energy is used etc. There are a few knitters that drop in to my blog from time to time, so I think this book would be of interest to them as well as the more casual type of knitter (like me).

My mother who is a knitter (both machine and hand) mentioned that she was reading it and a couple of the projects in the book piqued my interest, in particular the one on the cover (above) which is a soft basket knitted from fabric strips, which I have already (the author suggests a double size flat sheet to make the strips) using quite large double-pointed needles (15mm).

It is knitted in the round and the skill level is easy, so I reckon that I would be able to knit it, I will just have to check out Spotlight for large needles. (otherwise I will be going to Bunnings for some dowel of the right circumference and making my own)

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  1. spotlight will have them. i have lots of 10mm needles. i bought needles on ebay once and got so many sets of all different size needles - well suffice to say i need never buy needles again :)
    good luck with the basket - it looks great!


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