Friday, 9 April 2010


IMG_2634 IMG_1970 IMG_2999 IMG_3003 IMG_0874 IMG_3012

Something to brighten up a grey day


  1. Absolutely beautiful, flowers and color. Wish I had those growing in my yard....

  2. My day started out with a brilliant purple and orange/pink sunrise sky at 6am. By the time I arrived home at 7am it was grey and started spitting with rain. We had good rain until just after lunch so things are nice and fresh again. Lovely red pics certainly brightened my day which was dotted with lunch with girl friends, lots of office work and a well earned 'red' when I got home.

    Netball season starts tomorrow so my Saturdays are not my own for the next 18 weeks. We play home and away games so it varies week to week as to when we get home. Bri has been asked to sit on the bench for the B Grade tomorrow so we will be there till stumps!

    Hope your weekend is filled with colour (I'm sure it will be)and some cat fur thrown in... Lol!

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. red is my favourite colour :)

  4. Very Pretty! I was looking over you blog and you are extreamly crafty!


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