Sunday, 11 April 2010

Plum Cheese….. perhaps

Around this time last year I made Quince Paste in my slow cooker which was very successful, this year I wanted to try something different so thought I would try some Plum Cheese (I don’t know why it is called that when it could just as easily be called Plum Paste).  I got some more Blood Plums and halved and quartered them, took the stones out, added a 1/2 cup of water and put them on to cook in the slow cooker.  They cooked down beautifully but there seemed to be a lot of liquid.  I carried on with the recipe, putting them through the mouli, measuring and adding the sugar, then put the resulting mixture back into the slowcooker to cook down.

By bedtime the mixture didn’t seem to have thickened up very much, so I turned the slow cooker off.  In the morning I took another look at it and decided I would have to cook it up in a pot.  It bubbled away, making red splats all over the place (I ended up putting newspaper on the floor), after 40 minutes it had thickened up considerably but not to the point of being able to drag the wooden spoon through the mixture and leaving a gap that would stay there.  By then I was a bit tired of stirring so thought, too bad, this is thick enough.


It certainly was, I dread to think what it would have been like if I had cooked it much longer (toffee maybe).  It turned out of the little containers I had put it in to set quite easily and the two impartial tasters rated it quite highly, gobbling it up, and looking around for more. One commented it was like eating jubes, I thought it tasted like a very well-cooked plum jam. (which I suppose it was).


I’m going to try making it again but this time I won’t use any water, and hopefully it won’t need to cook as long so I can retain the beautiful ruby red colour of the plums.


  1. The same happened with my crab apple paste last year....and thats why I haven't made any this year.
    I purchased some little containers, similar to the ones used by Maggie Beer, (just to show off a little) but I just couldn't get it to leave the pots.
    I've decided that next year I will try pear paste. I love pears. I think that all the jams and preserves I have done recently will suffice for now.
    Maybe if you try it again with only enough water to cover the bottom if the pot? Good luck!

  2. Hi Olive,
    I will try definitely try again, I used some sweet almond oil to lightly oil the containers, but I did have to assist the paste out. Pear paste sounds nice, maybe with cider as the liquid. I will blog about the next experiment.

  3. Well if its anything like the quince paste it will be wonderfull :)
    Marilyn x


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