Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The one that got away .....

We received a lot of rain yesterday (43.5mm) and even though the Mister had cleaned out the gutters the day before in anticipation of the rain, they still overflowed as there was just too much rain for the gutters to cope with, regardless it was all very welcome and much appreciated by the garden.

I found this zucchini this morning, I hadn't ventured outside much yesterday and on Sunday when I checked the zucchini plant, there weren't any big enough to be picked.

Olive's comment on the previous post about her Grandson's teddy reminded me of my teddy which was once my mother's teddy. I remember changing the eyes for the yellow buttons, but I don't remember why I did it, maybe because one was missing.

Old Ted has held up quite well over the years - he must be getting on for 70 years old, I suppose I should think about handing him over to my nephew or my niece while they are still young enough to appreciate him. (if you are reading this brother of mine, drop me an email or a comment)

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