Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mission accomplished

I spent about three hours yesterday putting things to rights in my workroom, I still have to make some time to sort out the cupboard, but that can wait for another day.


This morning I thought I had better do a bit of housework as well (vacuuming, cleaning, all that mundane stuff) that’s done,  now I am going to sit in the sun and have a well earned cup of tea.


Sorry about the blurry picture, I must have moved my hands when I took it.


  1. Congratulations..

    I sure couldn't put up pictures of my sewing area right now.. between the ironing, the fabric and the UFO's I can't find a space to think in there.

    Kind Regards

  2. ooh, looks so nice! all your quilt blocks from the last post look great, im glad youl be able to find what you need to make more now

  3. Looking good Pip! I think you just took a blurry photo to make me feel more at home!

  4. Oh! By the way, Jess got some gucci spam just after we were talking about it. They are sure we want to buy gucci, aren't they!

  5. Well done! I so need to do this with mine but it's occupied by chicks at the moment and I just can't be arsed. Looks fab though :cD Lovely and bright and cheery.

  6. What a beautifully light room - with places for Cody to spraul out as he "supervises"

  7. Great sewing room Pip. I like that you have a bed just in case you need a little 'nanna nap'.


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