Friday, 2 April 2010

Kitchen chaos

Today I made some Lime curd based on this recipe for Lemon curd here except I used 250g icing sugar, the zest of the limes and my eggs were jumbo eggs (68g) instead of large so I used 2 whole eggs and 6 whites, and I didn't bother with warming the eggs or the lemon juice. I made it in the microwave as per the recipe, when I looked at the mixture after the second time, I thought it wasn't going to work as it looked rather curdled, but after I whisked it well, dropped the butter cubes in, and then whisked again, it came together and looked as it should, it tasted really good as well (tart and slightly sweet) I had to hold myself back from sampling too much of it.

I also made some plum jam from 1kg of blood plums, stoned and quartered, cooked till soft with 3/4 cup of water, then put the mixture through the mouli, (no plum skins in the jam) added 3 cups of sugar and heated slowly till the sugar had dissolved then brought it to the boil and boiled till my thermometer read 105C, then poured it into jars.

I ended up with a nice amount of lime curd. I've frozen most of it (as the lemon curd recipe says that it freezes brilliantly), five jars of plum jam, plus a sinkful of dishes which didn't take too long to clear away.


  1. There is no doubt about you Pip... you are a whiz in being able to sustain a home produce lifestyle. I think its going to be something that we need to encourage the younger generation to persue.
    Marilyn x

  2. wow - thanks for that pip. i've often wanted to make lemon curd but have been concerned at how long you can store it for - being able to freeze it solves the problem ;-)
    your jam looks so yummy.

  3. I sure you ended up feeling very contented too as you gazed at the jewel-like results.

  4. Hello Pip
    Yes your right - oh woe is me the surprise has gone - I'm not up to there yet - Hit the wrong button didn't I and it published lol
    Luckily I managed to save and schedule it for the correct day. Honestly, Im not sure what I've got myself in for but so far so good - till I push the wrong button again lol
    Love the look of your jams and curds I envy you being able ot substitute this and that and still get a result.
    Take care

  5. I had no idea curd would freeze...puts a whole new light on the subject! C


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