Monday, 19 April 2010

I was talking to my mother yesterday and happened to mention the earthquake, which then led to a discussion on earthquake kits and what was in them.

Kris and Levin both asked what was in my earthquake kit, so I thought I would do a post on that subject. The kit I had at home was a very basic one comprising of a torch, portable radio,  lighter, matches, candles, some food (mainly canned food), a tin opener, some large black rubbish bags and toilet paper (for an emergency toilet), pet food and water.  The one that I had at work was even more basic, just muesli bars, a blanket, a sweatshirt,  tracky dacks, and an old pair of running shoes, so that I could walk home. 

A bit of Googling will take you to quite a few sites that either sell kits or give you lists so you can make up your own. This site here is a NZ Civil Defence site that seems to me, to have good information about coping in a natural disaster and this site here is the SA State Emergency Service site which also provides some information.

I’m currently deciding what to put in my new disaster kit and I think that one of the most important things will be something that Joolz suggested  - a packet of Tim Tams!!  which is a really great idea because you should check and replace your food and water every twelve months and it makes good sense to have food that you actually like to eat.

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  1. Yes, most important is that of the food you include please make sure you like it or, at the very least, don't loathe it. Timtans should be included for all Timtan lovers as your do need to update the kit, especially the food every year. So no Timtans will be wasted.

    I'm pretty well prepared here as I always have stockpiles of food (mine and Zebbycat's) and water and other supplies. I do need to get a cupboard, a bookcase and the hot water cyclinder secured to their walls.

    The most frustrating part here for me is that my most necessary medication is only released monthly. I'd be happier with a spare month's stored here. Must take this up with my GP and Civil Defence.

    Sending care and huggles from my wee home right beside one of Wgtn's major earthquake fault lines - at least I'm in the side that is "going up"!


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