Saturday, 10 April 2010

Finally happy Jane

Today I finished G8, it took me three tries as I didn’t want to deal with set-in seams so thought I would try and see if I could get an acceptable (to me) block using foundation paper piecing.  The block looked sort of OK

IMG_3652 IMG_3653

but I think it would have looked better if the seam lines had been more symmetrical, so on to the next try which was piecing the diamonds by hand, (there was a power cut so I didn’t really have a choice).  The diamonds didn’t meet too well at the centre so that was as far as I got with that  effort.

The last block I decided to follow the instructions for piecing eight-pointed stars in American Quilter magazine (March 2010 issue), worked like a charm, now all I had to do was the set-in seams on the triangles and squares, it seemed to take quite a while because it is awkward to do, but by the time I got to the last  couple it was easier.  The block is finished and I am happy with it.

IMG_3654 IMG_3651

This is my second post using Windows Live Writer, it’s a programme I can use on my PC to create blog posts, it means I can create my posts without logging into Blogger and it certainly makes loading photos much quicker, I’m still learning my way round it so you may notice a few odd things.  I have noticed that my post yesterday looks different on a bigger screen, on my laptop the photos are in two rows of 3 photos, on the bigger screen of the Mister’s PC there are two rows of 4 photos and 2 photos


  1. I like the shadow effect that is around the pictures - makes them look like they are mounted. Nice.


  2. these dear jane blocks look to difficult for my liking - but i am very impressed with yours

  3. Hi Pip! Tricky looking blocks there! On my little laptop (7inch Eee pc) the red photos are single all the way down the post! Whenever I see my blog on a "real" computer I get such a shock cause it looks so different on my teeny tiny laptop. I love it though. (Hmm, is the comment moderation helping with the spammy comments? Jess has done the same thing for the same reason.)

  4. Pip,
    This looks like a particularly tough block...I'll be on the lookout for the magazine instructions and hope to do half as well as you have done. Beautiful work!


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