Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday wrap-up

As it is Easter next weekend, I thought I would make some early Hot Cross buns. I mentioned a few days ago about this book which I have been randomly dipping into. I was reading the section on Flours and came across a recipe for Hot Cross buns. Other recipes that I have made before have butter and eggs added, this one didn't, so I decided to make a half batch - 8 buns being a more moderate amount for the Mister and I to eat.

Instead of putting flour and water or pastry crosses on the buns, it was suggested to use marzipan instead, it was very successful, although as you can see I burnt the marzipan a bit (but it still tasted good). There are only three buns left now.

I made a couple of softies, you can download the instructions for the one on the right here. The one on the left is one of my own making, which I am still playing around with as it isn't quite how I have envisaged it.

I finished my quilt, the weather hasn't been too good for taking decent photos, I took a couple while it was hanging on the line after washing. Hopefully over the next couple of days there will be an opportunity to take some better photos.


  1. The softies are adorable, and your quilt is lovely! I do so enjoy visiting your blog each and every day ~

  2. Thanks Liz, I hope you aren't too disappointed when I don't post.

  3. It just makes me look forward to your next post :)


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