Sunday, 7 March 2010

potstickers cooking

We've had a fairly quiet weekend, mainly spent indoors listening to the rain falling on the roof. We had about 12.5mm of rain, hopefully we'll get more tonight, according to my rainfall records we've received about 8mm more than this time last year. I made a big batch of potstickers to freeze, they are my favourite fast food, taking less than 10 minutes to cook from frozen. If I work fast, I can usually have a meal on the table inside of 15 minutes, (much better than a takeaway meal) which is very important when you have spent most of the day sewing and have forgotten about getting a meal ready.

TLC - Sadie Rose

I spent most of Saturday finishing these two kites off. Mainly handsewing on the TLC, I used English paper piecing to do the octagons, sewed them together in a block and then appliqued them on to the background, and machine sewed the other bits. The other one (below) needs a good press (I washed it to remove some pencil marks) I had a bit of trouble lining things up on this one and there was a bit of unsewing done, but overall I'm quite happy with it, as they say finished is better than perfect!

TRC - Longwood


  1. Okay. So many questions Pip. Potstickers? TLC? TRC? I loooooove the hexagons. Great fabric!!! The stars are pretty good too. Sorry to be so obtuse. I have put my back out this week and thinking is really hard!

  2. Anonymous19/3/10 07:28

    That octagon block is awesome! The colours in it are really lovely.


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