Tuesday, 30 March 2010

One, two, three ......

little softies sitting in a row.

After my experience of making the softie on the left, I decided to see if I could make a better one. I redrew my pattern shape slightly to make it easier to fit the ears, legs and arms, (they are made and stuffed, then pinned to the front fabric body, the back fabric body is then placed over top and sewn together, then you turn it right-side out) because there wasn't a lot of room in the first softie, it didn't get sewn together particularly well.

Softie Number 2 (the middle one) was still not quite right, because even though I had made it wider it actually needed to be longer (to fit the arms etc inside). Undeterred I redrew the pattern shape again, making it longer and Softie Number 3 (the one on the right) was the result.

I'm still not totally happy with Number 3, so another attempt might be on the cards this long weekend. It hasn't cost me anything (other than time) as I already had all the bits and pieces stashed away.


  1. aww, they are so cute, im especialy in love with the first ones swirly eyes!

  2. I'm partial to the first one also. They look like mama, papa and baby softie.....adorable.

  3. Hi Karen Jane and Liz J,
    my favourite is the first one as well. I had another face made up with eyes that were a bit more swirly but he looked a bit deranged so I went with what you see.

  4. All these Softies look good to me, and they all have cute character faces.


  5. I love your softies, specially the number 3, it is so relaxed and keeps you calm, nice to hug.


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