Monday, 15 March 2010

Look who dropped in ........

This bloke dropped by yesterday, just wandered through the front yard, then into the neighbours' front yard and clambered up this small tree,

before finally ending up in this gum, and after a small snack, he spent the rest of the day sleeping.

I also started this embroidery for a bag that I will make this week. Dear Jane will be having a few days break as I feel the need to finish something.


  1. A KOALA! That is so awesome ^_^

  2. Cool visitor! Love your stitching and love your quick finish idea. That's what I want to do this week too. Haven't started anything yet. You are way ahead of me!

  3. We had one at the boys school. I don't know how he got into town, but he did and he stayed for a couple of weeks. It was such fun to visit him.
    Love the stitching.

  4. Gee, he looks quite huge! What a nice surprise.

    Cheers - Joolz

  5. oooh, a koala, how fun is that!
    Love your stitching too, I often do 2 rows of back stitch just like that, I love it.


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