Friday, 26 March 2010


I picked up a bag of Tahitian limes quite cheaply at Central Market today (grown in Cooltong, South Australia, near Renmark). I had a few recipes in mind (lime curd for one) but I ended up making these preserved cinnamon-infused limes. It was fairly quick to make, I halved the recipe and used a Moccona coffee jar which held 4 limes nice and tight (no floating up to the top), although I see there are some air bubbles but with all the salt in there I don't think that will be an issue.

Now I just have to wait six weeks for them to be ready and find some recipes I can use them in. The recipe says add to salad dressings, stuffings or tagines, I suppose anywhere it says preserved lemons I can use preserved limes.

There are still quite a few limes left over so I may still make lime curd sometime this weekend or gin and tonic with lime, I suppose there quite a few possibilities open to me.


  1. Ha ha, the gin & tonic sounds especially enticing!

    Joolz :)

  2. Oh, and my word verification is 'souro' hope that doesn't mean your limes will be sour!
    I would have no ideas at all as to what to do with preserved limes. It seems you enjoy making pickles, preserves etc from different (strange?) ingredients, which is great if everyone doesn't mind eating them. My chef son would be greatly impressed!


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