Monday, 29 March 2010

Black, white and red all over .....

The light was better today and rather than faff around outside with the quilt I decided to show it in what will be it's usual place - on the bed.

I managed to take some pictures before Cody decided to get in on the act. Normally he would be under the quilt as soon as I start making the bed, it's no good moving him as he thinks it's a game and is even more persistent with staying on the bed.

I didn't do very much quilting on this quilt, to tell the truth once I had made the quilt sandwich I was sick of it and just wanted to get it done, so ended up doing some very basic quilting to hold it together and a bit of free-motion around the red border.


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous. It seems Cody thinks you made it just for him.
    the last picture looks like Cody has caught a carpet snake and he has it firmly between his teeth!

  2. It really is stunning ^_^ And that cat is gorgeous too!

  3. A wonderful looking quilt - the occasional red accents make the black and white all the more spectacular.

    Darling Cody - I'm used the cats battling with my hands as I make up each layer of a bed. And cats tunnelling into the layer where they want to be...

    ... not so with Zebbycat. Zeb stretches out upon each layer, savouring the layer's flatness and his pleasure at spralling upon it. I have to physically move him from side to side in order to get the sheets and quilt layers smooth and even.

    On the plus side he is now warming up my side of the bed every night, as the Wellington Autumn draws in. All the better to spend the rest of the night snuggled up to me ..... sigh from the human ....

  4. P.S. - i can just imagine Cody "staring down" his humans each morning. Please give Cody a respectful rub under the chin, or beside it (as he prefers), from me

  5. Okay, so just parcel the quilt up, I'll give you my PO box number and oh, wrap Cody in it and send him too!

    Waaah! I wanna cat like yours!!

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Love your cat (and the quilt) they almost blend in together.


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