Sunday, 21 March 2010

Backyard visitor

This cockatoo (and his/her mate) visits our backyard most days.

they don't seem to mind me taking pictures,

as I can get quite close to them (about a metre or so).

In the picture above, he/she is eating the berries from the melia tree,
and you can see his/her mate just on the left (quite blurry)


  1. Hi Pip, We had a big flock of Lancaster Bombers fly over today (LOL) yellow tailed black cockatoos, flying low, almost in formation, screeching to each other ! They remind me of aircraft coming in to land on the pine trees in the forest next to our place where they feast on the pine nuts.
    Aren't we lucky here to have such beautiful birds call in to visit? Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me.
    Your pictures are stunning.

  2. Hi Olive, haha, I think they look like Bristol Freighters, they certainly fly in formation and you can hear them coming for miles. Yes we are so lucky to have birds visit and even luckier that they stay still long enough for a photo opportunity.

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