Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Row A completed

Blocks A1 through A13

One row down, twelve to go. I'm fairly happy with the colour mix so far, although I do think that the bolder and darker blues show up better than the paler ones.

I have made 23 blocks, 3 triangles and 1 corner kite, but I have since discovered that I made the corner kite too small, so I'll have to make another one (sigh, all good practise anyway).

I have both the book and the software for making this quilt. The software has been very useful as you can print out the block pattern, or templates for piecing. There is even a library of different fabrics and colours so you can see what the quilt (or quilt block) would look like before actually purchasing or cutting fabric.

Because there is quite a lot of work involved in this quilt, I am going to machine or hand piece , use English paper piecing, applique, whatever it takes to make each quilt block so that it looks the same as the original quilt. I am not overly fussed if the technique I use is not a "traditional" quilting method.

I am also keeping a journal of how I make each block, what fabric I use and if it is easy or difficult (for me) to make.


  1. Some of those pieces are so intricate. Amazing job woman. I am starting to miss quilting!

  2. It is coming together so nicely - such a variety of blocks and this is just row A! I do hope you keep this quilt for yourself,

    Huggles, Michelle and Zebbycat, xxx and purrrrrrs

  3. This is so exciting! You are the only other person I have found making the "Dear Jane" blocks via "English Paper Piecing". Your blocks are great! I have the book and no CD, so I have been drafting the blocks myself. You can see mine at
    I also present "English Paper Piecing" workshops all year around. I would love to have you join us at

    cindy aka MsDesigns
    website: http://www.cddesigns.com
    blog: http://blog.quiltcampus.net/msdesigns/
    Teacher/Owner at http://www.quiltcampus.net
    Owner at http://www.findaquiltpattern.com


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