Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Garden update

picture taken at 1030am

Yesterday we put up some shade cloth on the south-west side of the garden, so I took the opportunity to take a picture. Most of the vege garden is still coping, the capsicum in the middle looks a bit droopy, I don't think it likes the hot days, it was standing upright this morning when I watered, as were the lettuce plants which have started bolting as per usual when we get a spell of very warm weather.

The zucchini seems to be growing well, and if I don't keep an eye on it, we might have a glut as there are several small ones coming on. The eggplant has quite a few flowers on it as does the capsicum. Basil is being picked every couple of days so it is starting to bush out quite nicely and I am taking a few lettuce leaves for salad as well, even though the lettuce look rather sad in this picture.

I had been intending to plant out a few more things but with this current spell of hot weather, I think I will wait another week or so for slightly cooler weather.


  1. your garden looks great - we are enjoying the last of the cucumbers and david has started picking beans....the tomatoes are just finished, everything is looking brownish and sad. can't wait for some good autumn rain.

  2. Shade - such a necessity in an Adelaide garden! A glut of zucchini sounds pretty good to me. I loooooove it! Everything in our garden is hot and thirsty. (No veg) The next week or so will be hard work in the garden I think!

  3. your veggie patch is looking great! i love your quilt blocks from the last post, look forward to seing more


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