Sunday, 14 February 2010

Chocolate overload

I often make this chocolate brownie for a quick dessert, the oven heats up in the time it takes to mix it, and 20 minutes later you have a beautiful chocolate brownie.(unfortunately you have to wait for it to cool before you can eat it).

It was a bit of a chocolate overload as I made chocolate mousse as well. The chocolate mousse was a Nigella Lawson recipe (from How to eat) and is basically chocolate melted with water and golden syrup, then cooled slightly, beat 2 egg yolks in, whisk the egg whites to a firm snow, then fold in and chill for 4 hours or so.

Couldn't be simpler, tastes divine and because there was no cream in it, we could also have some Pure Jersey Cream from the Alexandrina Cheese Company.

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  1. Hello Pip
    Chocolate I love - it loves my waist, hips, thighs, upper arms and anything else it can find to stick to lol
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment. Seems like there a lot of room lurkers out there:))
    Take care


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