Monday, 4 January 2010

Pinwheel quilt

Do you remember the sneak peek of this quilt, I finished it last year for a Christmas present for my brother and his wife. It came together quickly and I enjoyed making it, which is not something that I can say about everything that I make.

I wonder if the sharp eyed among you will notice some of the errors that I made in the quilt, by the time I realised it was too late to go back. The picture isn't a very good one as it was windy the day I washed and photographed it, so you can't really see the quilting very well. I used a blue/green/yellow variegated thread to quilt with and kept it quite simple, I finished quilting the centre one day and did the border the next day. I would like to make another quilt from this pattern, maybe later this year.


  1. lol I only found the ooosies because you mentioned them. You did a damn fine job! I really really like it ^_^

  2. just dont call it 'pinwheel'!... nice job 'anyway'

  3. The more I look at it the more I go cross-eyed! What mistakes? Lol!

    Joolz :D

  4. Anonymous8/1/10 05:40

    The quilt is absolutely beautiful, a priceless gift that warms my heart every time I see it. Thanks Pip, Ed

  5. It is certainly just gorgeous-well done to you on such a fine fine job!


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