Monday, 11 January 2010

Lemon Honey

I made this wallhanging after seeing a project called Mirror Magic in Quilter's Companion No. 40. Although my wallhanging is a different design from that in the magazine, I managed to create something which I am pleased with. It looks quite complicated, and at first I couldn't get my head around the written instructions but once I watched the DVD that came with the magazine it all became clear.

It is made using reverse applique techniques and fusing, so it doesn't take very long to put together, I suppose it took me about two days off and on, the middle two fabrics were given to me (thanks Jenny) and the rest was from fabric that I already had and some leftover batting strips which I joined to make one larger piece.

It is quite funny as the wallhanging in the magazine (pictured below) was actually the one that I wanted to make, but I found myself going in another direction entirely once I started playing around with the yellow fabric. I'm still intending to make the one pictured below sometime soon.


  1. I like yours much better PIp!

    Lovely work.

  2. Pip, another beauty. You have such an eye for colour and design.

  3. this is a beautiful quilt. i love the design but i am especially drawn to the colours. congrats!

  4. I love yours (there is something so magical about yellow).


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