Saturday, 30 January 2010

Green Tomatoes

We've been eating the Green Zebra tomatoes lately. We weren't sure how to tell when they were ripe, so we felt them every now and then and once they seemed a little softer we noticed that the skin had a golden cast to it so we picked them then.

It seems strange to eat a green tomato, but they have the same tomato taste perhaps a bit more acid but the tomatoes may still have been a little under ripe.

We've been having them sliced on crackers with cheese or sometimes I make a mixed tomato salad of them, just roughly chopped with red tomatoes, a splash of olive oil, some torn fresh basil, black pepper and a bit of salt, toss it around and leave it for five minutes or so for the flavours to blend, just lovely.


  1. They look really yummy - might have to get us some of them!

  2. That is one variety I keep meaning to try. Sometimes we have bird problems with the red ones so it would be interesting to see if the green ones fared better.

    Kind Regards

  3. They are just beautiful! I can't imagine that they taste like regular tomatoes. Strange how limiting your brain is!

  4. Pip,

    Thanks for your blog about the Green Zebra tomato. Thirty-eight years ago my dad remarked that no one will want the Green Zebra..."See you in the funny papers" were his exact words. Few artists can boast their artwork being duplicated like the Green Zebra tomato variety. It's like having your "tomato" and eat it too! There is only one Mona Lisa, but folks all over the world can have their own Green Zebra. This variety is but one of many so-called "Heirlooms" but is probably the most recognized. That people will very likely discover this variety for the first time for many generations to come lends credence to the fact that the "paint" (genes) from four plants resulted in what I can submit as my closest thing to a masterpiece of living art.

    Thanks again, Pip!


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