Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Garden envy

All the gardens that I saw in New Zealand seemed to be green and flourishing although Mum said it had been rather dry lately. Even though my folks don't spend as much time gardening as they used to, they still seem to have a fairly productive garden without too much effort.

My parent's garden in Auckland

I don't seem to be as enthusiastic about my garden now as I am when the weather is cooler, it is rather depressing to see plants that you have nurtured dry up and die. The plants that seem to be doing OK are the tomatoes,and although they did wilt a bit on the really hot days, they seem to have bounced back and are still producing. All going well I'm intending to get out into the garden this weekend and have a tidy up and maybe plant something.


  1. It really is disheartening to watch plants just frizzle and die. I lost a couple of melons and almost a squash during the last few days. Luckily the stuff I planted earlier is now starting to give me a decent harvest so that always lifts my spirits a bit more.

    I hope your plantings go well.

    Kind Regards

  2. david (my husband) was always a warm weather boy....thrived in it and hated the cold.....until.....he started gardening. now, when he hears it is going to be hot he gets all sad.
    we have had a huge amount of tomatoes and our corn looks great. but i agree, summer is very disheartening for gardeners.
    goodluck with yours.

  3. oh I bounce between good gardener and rubbish one! Life and water and weather - just doesn't make for happy plants always. Perhaps our time will come one day hey?


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