Monday, 25 January 2010

Christmas gifts 2009

These are some of the aprons that I made as gifts for Christmas. I used an apron I already had as a rough template and then adjusted the bib so it was more comfortable. They only required one metre of fabric (45cm wide) plus 1 metre of tape for the waist ties, leaving a small amount of fabric over for my stash. Once I had the pattern worked out they were very quick to make.

I found a tutorial for this litle apron at this blog, just scroll down and you will find the tutorial for a Montessori child's apron (plus a few other tutorials as well) there. It appealed to me as the apron was one that a young child would find easy to put on and take off. Really easy to make and the instructions were nice and clear.

I also made a set of skittles and a felt ball, using a pattern from a Homespun magazine for the skittle shape, the fabric was from odds and ends that I had kept hoping that I would be able to find a use for someday.


  1. I love the skittles! Such a cute idea :cD

    I made an apron for my boyfriend for Christmas as well. Next year I am thinking of making cute ones with different styles for my girlfriends.

    Fantastic job ^_^

  2. i have a huge soft spot for aprons. often contemplate wearing a fave one out as its pretty cool... i think i could manage an apron...nice work!

  3. louis got an apron and a chef's hat for christmas - his grandmother made it for him. it covers his love of baking and his love of dressing up!
    i love your aprons - i was meaning to make one for emily's birthday but didn't get around to it. cooking is much nicer in a pretty apron.

  4. Love your aprons! Actually, all the presents are pretty good. (lucky recipients!)


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