Monday, 7 December 2009

Sick computer

This is the screen that has been greeting us the last few mornings when we turned on the computer, there is also a very high pitched whining (but I am the only person that can hear it). At one stage the CPU temp went to 47C, but after our computer techie visited us and did various arcane things with a screwdriver it was back to normal, but after he left it reverted back to this unacceptable behaviour again. It is now away having various things replaced in it's innards which should result in an improvement.


  1. Computers always seem to 'crap themselves' at the most inappropriate times. I hate those black screens and of all the gobbledegook they display. I do have a good IT guy who solves problems for us thankfully of late, our computers (my PC and the girls 2 laptops) have been behaving.
    Loving the advent calendar...

    Cheers - Joolz

  2. Hi Pip, Mine has been making some strange noises too. Sometimes strange messages suddenly appear on the screen.
    My IT guy lives in Canberra and I can only hope it holds out until he visits me during the Australia day week. Hooray for a technically brainy son, just wish he lived closer. Trying to sort out computer problems over the phone simply does not work!
    Whats the bet, it will die before he gets here.

  3. Full sympathy, dear Pip. My PC keeled over completely. Luckily my PC guy, my dear Dad gave me his old laptop AND took the PC away and rebuilt it for me. Like Olive, my PC guy lives in another city.

    No. 8 - another lovely little piece!


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