Saturday, 5 December 2009

Reading and .....

I got this book from the library, it is quite a small book but one that I think will need to be read slowly to get the most from it.

This broccoli with orecchiette is something we like to eat often,(the mister calls it "that broccoli stuff you make") we never seem to tire of it. I use this pasta which is made in here in Adelaide, it takes a little longer to cook than other pasta but is worth it.

I drew this tree about 3 times trying to get it symmetrical, I should have just flipped the good half over and traced that, that's hindsight.


  1. the book looks interesting - is it actually on digestion?
    i love your little tree - yes, it lacks symmetry but isn't that the point of home made - there is beauty in it's lack of perfection.
    enjoy your countdown - i am ;)

  2. I am enjoying your count-down to Christmas and that tree looks perfectly good to me, assymetrical or not.
    The pasta dish is worthy of a recipe for us to share? Certainly looks yummy.

    Cheers - Joolz

  3. I'll have to hunt the proper recipe out so I can get the proportions right. Will put the recipe up sometime in the next week or so, it is yummy.


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