Thursday, 3 December 2009

Parts of my vege garden have survived the hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago. The tomatoes pictured seemed to have thrived on it, they were purchased plants which I planted in the middle of September. This year I decided to plant them in a different spot from where I have planted tomatoes previously. This spot gets the morning sun and a little early afternoon sun. I haven't used any shadecloth on them and have also been quite successful in preventing the Mister from overwatering them!!!!

The silverbeet coped with the hot weather and we have been eating quite a bit of it. I harvested nearly 1.5kg of broadbeans (podded) next year I will sow more seeds.
Some of my potatoes didn't like the heat and all the foliage died off (last year I put shadecloth over them, this year I forgot about it) I will probably have a bit of a dig around this weekend and see what is there although I'm not expecting too much.

23 days to go


  1. You are so talented - I think I have managed to kill or at least put most of my plants into retirement already - well done x

  2. our tomatoes are looking fabulous - and we have one ripening on my kitchen windowsill. i love the vegetable garden - it's one of the most beautiful spots in the garden.
    enjoy your dig - you never know what you will find :)


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