Thursday, 10 December 2009

Not feeling very Christmassy today.... too cold

The days are starting to go fast now, only fifteen to go and it will be Christmas. A miserable day here in Adelaide, windy, sunny patches, showery and not very warm. Strange weather for December.

flowering poppy
(they didn't last long before the heat took them)

We received 7mm of rain the day before, last December nothing, this November we totalled 45mm of rain, last November only 7mm.
The computer has been fixed, unfortunately one side effect is that a lot of the programmes which had been downloaded (itunes, Picasa etc) all have to be downloaded again, and as I am the most computer literate in our household the task has devolved to me....... aargh..... I hate it.


  1. I have plenty of spare heat up here I'm happy to share!

  2. Sounds more like a Wellington December!


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