Sunday, 20 December 2009

Fly free, little Sean

Our little cockatiel Sean died on Thursday morning.

He had been with us for nearly eleven years, so we will miss him terribly. He was such a big part of our lives, with his morning greeting of "Hello, you two" when we opened the door in the morning, his slightly out of tune whistling of Waltzing Matilda, his sleepy voice at night when we came home from work - "Hello mate" .

The times when we called for Cody (the cat) to come inside and Sean would pipe up with one of his little sayings - "quick, quick," "where's Cody", or "where's the little pussycat". He still used to mention our other pets Gotcha and Tommy (both gone to Rainbow Bridge).

We never taught him any words or sayings, he just picked them up from hearing us say them (and we must have said some of them quite a lot), the only thing he was taught was Waltzing Matilda, I spent quite a few hours whistling that tune over and over to him before he picked it up

Alfie, his mate, misses him and calls for him.

Fly free, Sean


  1. Hi Pip, sorry to hear about Sean. It's always sad to lose a friend, but the knowledge they had the best life they could, and were loved, brings comfort. By the way, I used to live south of Adelaide when I was growing up.

  2. Sorry to hear about Sean - he sounded like a real cutie and a dag. We used to a a blue budgie called Joey and he'd say Pretty boy, Joe but that was about all. Birdies like these are good fun to have around. Remember to fun times,



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