Monday, 30 November 2009

Finished at last ........

..... making Christmas presents that is. I had a self imposed deadline of 30 November to finish making my Christmas presents, an Advent calendar and some other things which won't be mentioned just yet, and I have just squeaked in.

Way, way back in August, I decided that I would make my Christmas presents this year. I started during October as I thought that would allow me plenty of time, which it did once I stopped wasting time gallivanting around the internet.
Then, in between making presents I thought that it would be nice to make drawstring bags from Christmas calico to put the presents in, sort of a functional wrapping, nothing like a bit of procrastination, is there? Not content with the bags, I also thought "why not make the gift tags as well" because for some time now I have been wanting to make "fabric paper" so I got a bit sidetracked for a couple of days making the gift tags......

before I pulled myself up and got back to my main task of making presents, so now they're all finished, but I can't show you what I made until after Christmas.....

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  1. Hi Pip

    Welcome back! Wow, what an achievement. Can't wait to see what you made your peeps for Christmas - what a lovely idea to do the bags and tags too!

    Cheers - Joolz


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