Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Here's where I'm up to.......

Making :: Christmas presents

Cooking :: Broccoli and blue cheese soup
Drinking :: a cup of tea

Thinking :: that it wasn't such a good idea to eat my porridge near my laptop this morning.

Watching :: Band of Brothers and all about River Cottage (thanks Gnomes) on dvd

Listening to :: Jimmy Little

Wasting :: time playing Spider Solitaire (yes again, I can't stop myself)

Sewing :: Christmas presents

Waiting :: for the Craft Fair to come to Adelaide (30 days and counting)

Liking :: the fact that some of my summer clothes still fit me!!
Wondering :: if I got all the porridge off the keyboard of my laptop

Smelling :: the freesias that I picked from the garden this morning

Wearing :: daggy old clothes, covered in cat hair

Bookmarking :: this blog here

Realising :: that everything in this post seems to be all over the place and after looking at the Html decide not to try and fix it

Post inspiration from Pip at Meet me at Mikes


  1. It all sounds quite lovely Pip!

  2. Mmmm broccoli and blue cheese soup...delish!!!
    Actually it all sounds quite indulgent...except the porridge spillage that is...yikes.
    Hmm so I wonder what handmade goodness all your loves will receive for Christmas?

  3. Better porridge than a full cup of tea. lovely that you're back - I'd have needed a year to recover from your mamouth baking effort.

    It's all nice and cold over here - yes, school holidays!

    Snuggly huggles from me and Zebbycat


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