Monday, 5 October 2009

Bad Blogger

Lately I seem to be suffering from SBS (Slack Blogger Syndrome) and haven't really had the urge to blog, but I have been reasonably productive in my own way. We had our first taste of the broad beans tonight. I had forgotten that you need quite a few pods for a reasonable sized serving (about half a cup full for each person, we made do with half a cup between us).

Normally I break the pods open, but for this picture I slit it open with a knife (as evidenced by the cut in the bean). I love how they nestle in the pod, surrounded by the cottony soft lining of the pod.

I double peeled a few of the larger ones thinking the skin might be a bit tough, and also

the unpeeled appearance is not particularly appetising (sort of a greeny-grey colour) but we were surprised by how tender they were both peeled and unpeeled. I just put a bit of cold water over them and brought them to the boil for about a minute or so, drained the water off and dropped a knob (very small) of butter in, shook them around, added some freshly ground black pepper and they were ready for eating.


  1. Broad beans taking over here. Will have to try them with a little butter and pepper tomorrow.

  2. yes the slack blogger syndrome must be a bit contagious, ive been suffering quite badly myself lol:) on the weekend i was at my mums (where i lived last broad bean season) and had a nice little meal from some plants that had self seeded broad beans,arent they yummy!

  3. I like broadbeans.

    Have you seen Blogtoberfest?

    It isn't a hint.

  4. SBS - I call it the blahs and I have had it myself! (As you noticed!) Love your broad bean photos. I always remember thinking as a child that broad bean pods would make the comfiest bed if ever I was Thumbelina. I never was, but I thought back then it might just happen.

  5. Oh yum...I love broadbeans. Thanks for sharing interesting to see them grown...I'm going to have to put some in myself next season.


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