Sunday, 6 September 2009


Class 22 - Bread, white

We went to the Royal Adelaide Show yesterday, first stop was the Goyder Pavilion to check out the Cookery Competition. I had already seen the results online but wanted to check out the other classes as well.

Class 60 - Carrot Cake

I got 2nd place for both breads - there were only two entries in each class and once cut my grain loaf revealed that there was a hole inside and the white loaf had a few larger holes in it as well so both were probably not the best examples of bread. I suppose that is one of the challenges because your cake or bread might look perfect on the outside but until it is cut you don't know what is there inside.

The result that I am really happy about was a Commended (4th place) in Class 42 - Carrot Cake, there were over ten entries in that class so for my first try I am over the moon.


  1. Well done! I think you should get a prize just for the courage to enter anything!

    Must be pleasing to get a prize there! Will you do it all again next year? :)

  2. Well done! Bother about the holes. All looks very yummy to me.

  3. Well done, Pip! I thought there would be heaps of entries in each section.


  4. i love this part of the show, have since i was a kid. well done, you are brave. we had a look today and i couldnt find yours, but i didnt look at the breads however...i got all worked up over the ginger sponges and then someone needed their pants seen too! lol

  5. Thanks everybody for your best wishes.

    Veggie Gnome - yes, I'm going to do it again next year, maybe enter some jam or chutney as well.

    Julie - we like the holes, you can get more butter on that way, but for judging it isn't such a good thing :)

    Kirsty - thanks

    Joolzmac - some classes had a lot of entries and some only had 2 or 3
    there were a lot of rock cakes but only 2 prizes awarded!!

    Kelly - the ginger sponges were amazing weren't they, so high and fluffy.

  6. Dear Pip

    You made a loaf of bread that my innards would love. My taste buds and memory too - My maternal grandmother (Nana) bought her bread daily from a great bakery in the next suburb.

    Super happy summer memories of fresh, fresh white bread with butter and tomatoes. Sister and self would hope, hope to get the crust end - sometimes we were given one each. And an extra special treat were the bakery's crescent rolls.

    See what just your wonderful looking bread has done to me! I've yet to venture over to the Carrot Cake (drool material, dear Pip)

  7. Yay Pip...that's so exciting. Congratulations! Makes all the hard work worthwhile hey?


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