Thursday, 3 September 2009

I am SO over baking

Yesterday was the big baking day.......

As I was going to be working last night, I made an early start (0530) and started on my two breads, once they were rising it was time for breakfast and then the rest of the baking. I made carrot cake first as I wanted to make sure it had plenty of time to cool (on the tea-towel covered racks to prevent rack marks) before putting the icing on. I made two cakes (in case, one wasn't very good) at the end of the cooking time I noticed that one of them had a lean on - aargh the oven isn't level, why have I not noticed that before, never mind, the icing will camouflage that.

Onwards, next up the friands, they were quick and easy, then the Anzac biscuits, also fairly quick, although I had some issues with size. Then the bread went in the oven, while that was baking, I made the Shortbread, shaped it and put it in the fridge to rest. Time for a cup of tea, and an Anzac, oh and why not have a friand as well (might as well quality check them).

Once the bread was finished, I had to wait for the oven to cool a bit before the shortbread went in. At that stage I decided to make more Anzacs because I thought the first ones were a bit dark, the second batch were darker still.

The shortbread came out and looked ok. All that remained was the icing on the cake and then packing everything away ready for delivery.

Delivery day...........
surprisingly traffic was light, we even had time to stop for a coffee on the way. I was surprised that there weren't many people there, and by how different the baked goods looked on the display plates (my Anzacs didn't look that dark after all)

Now all that remains is to eat up the leftover shortbread, Anzacs and extra carrot cake........


  1. that's an amazing amount of baking to get done in one day! very impressive :)

  2. Oh, best of luck, Pip! I hope to get to the show this year, and will remember to keep an eye out for your lovely goodies!

  3. im exhausted for you. will keep an eye out for your goods on monday! nice post.
    hehe- word veri is 'compi'

  4. Good Luck Pip!

    I'm sure you'll (or your baked goods) will be fabulous.

    Ooooooo I love the Show!!

  5. Katrine - I heard of one woman entering 31 items, now that is a lot of baking...

    Lyn - thanks Lyn, it was good once it was over, have fun at the show.

    Kel - On Monday, I wasn't looking forward to it at all, but now I'm thinking about next year.

    Kirsty - thanks for your best wishes.


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