Saturday, 5 September 2009

Busy in the garden

I wasn't the only busy one in the garden today, this bee spent ages in the broad bean flowers

I spent a much needed couple of hours in the garden today, pulling out a great crop of weeds, but there were a couple of highlights in amongst the hard work.

Some potatoes which appeared from the last crop, enough for the two of us (yum, steamed new potatoes with butter and parsley).

and look, one of the first broad bean pods, still very small, but getting bigger.


  1. Our spuds have a little way to go yet. Must check for broad beans tomorrow on the plants that aren't horizontal from the wind. I'm considering just mulching them up back into the soil.

  2. So satisfying...homegrown spuds taste like nothing else! I'd love to give broadbeans a go too...will be watching to see how yours turn out Pip.


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