Saturday, 15 August 2009

Recipe renovation

Just over a year ago I made these Pear olive oil spice cakes but they were a touch too sweet and oily for our taste, so I decided to renovate the recipe a little bit.

I reduced the oil to half a cup and used plain yogurt to bring the liquid content back to one cup. I also cut back the sugar to one cup and used brown sugar instead of white and then because I felt like an extra hit of ginger I threw in some chopped crystallised ginger (about one third cup)

They made 12 traditional sized muffins and I cooked them at 160C for 30 minutes, the glaze is the same as before except I used some light sour cream instead of cream.

I was quite happy with the way they came out, they are still nice and moist and I might tinker with the recipe a little more (cut back oil to quarter a cup and reduce the sugar more) as they are still quite sweet.


  1. these muffins look gorgeous. you have reminded me that i need to make muffins for lunches this week. fortunately it's a beautiful day for staying in and baking :)

  2. Oh, my! Please post the complete recipe when you've finished 'tinkering'. Thanks,

    - Joolz

  3. it look delicious! i think i might have to have a go at these.


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