Saturday, 8 August 2009


Went up to Hahndorf yesterday, while I was having a little poke around one of the op-shops there, I found this piece of quite lovely, patterned material, nearly 2.5 metres and only $3.

The photo doesn't quite do it justice as the colours are slightly more intense. I have no idea what I will use it for, although it could make a nice skirt, it's a one-way pattern and quite drapey fabric (not cotton) any one got any ideas?

I have given up on using the voice recognition, it is quite slow and doesn't seem to recognise some of the words I say, I can type faster with my finger stuck in the air which looks a little strange but it works for me. One good thing, no dishwashing for me :)


  1. No dishwashing! Did you cut yourself on purpose?

    Joolz ;D

  2. I haven't been op-shopping for so long! I think that fabric looks like a skirt too! Hmm, maybe I'll go op-shopping next week.

  3. Anonymous9/8/09 22:42

    I would have to frame it, or make a wall hanging with it, its gorgeous!

  4. Hi Molly, I never thought about that, I might have enough fabric to do both, good idea.

  5. Ooh it's so unusual....I love a good op shop find...well, who doesn't right? x


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