Monday, 17 August 2009

A little birdie

Spotted these two Adelaide Rosellas
outside today.

I took the photos from inside (the windows aren't very clean)

The first time I attempted to take the photo they flew off, before I could even turn the camera on.

So I left the camera near the window and about twenty minutes later I saw them again, this time I got down on the floor and crawled to the window,
it must have worked as they stayed there for about ten minutes before flying off.


  1. I know exactly the feeling !! I have been trying to photograph the superb blue fairy wren for ages now. I have tried it from behind the glass (my windows haven't been cleaned for sooooo long) and I've tried it hiding behind shrubs, brick walls etc. but the little blighters are super fast. The are insect eaters and thats probably why, they are always on the move for the next flying bug. I even took the lid off the compost bin (which is ALIVE with vinegar flies) hoping they would settle long enough for a quick shot....

  2. Anonymous18/8/09 09:20

    Such pretty looking birds. We get the 28's in the west, not nearly as pretty as yours.

  3. Molly, I think this pair are quite young, the colours seem more intense on the older ones.
    Olive, birds are difficult aren't they? the slightest noise and they are gone.

  4. Good shots Pip. Pretty parrots!


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