Friday, 28 August 2009

Here's where I'm up to...

this post comes via Pip from Meet me at Mikes

Making: things for Christmas presents (ssh, it’s a secret)
Cooking: shortbread
Drinking: a cup of tea
Reading: Tarte Tatin by Susan Loomis
Wanting: the house to be clean and tidy, the washing done, folded, ironed and put away
Looking: at recipe books and clippings of recipes
Playing: Spider Solitaire
Wasting: too much time playing Spider Solitaire
Sewing: things for Christmas presents
Wishing: for a fairy godmother to wave her wand and do the housework for me
Enjoying: watching Dexter on dvd
Waiting: for the bread to rise
Liking: my thimble which is protecting my cut finger
Wondering: what to make for afternoon tea on Sunday – sweet, savoury, both, how much to make, too many decisions.
Loving: the weather at the moment
Hoping: that my hayfever will go away soon
Marvelling: at how prolific Pip is with her blog posts
Needing: to make a work plan for all the baking I have to do for the Royal Show
Smelling: the fresh coriander from the garden
Wearing: daggy old tracky daks and comfy, old ugg boots
Following: too many to count
Noticing: that my cut finger is healing up quite well
Knowing: that using linen to do needle turn appliqué is probably not going to turn out too well
Thinking: that chocolate doesn’t really have a season
Feeling: that I'm going to sneeze soon
Bookmarking: On Rue Tatin some good recipes there
Opening: a fresh container of dried yeast
Giggling: at an old Footrot Flats book
Feeling: that I'm going to sneeze again


  1. I hope your hayfever will be gone soon. Is that the usual time of the year you get it?

    Sunday afternoon - we are also doing something savoury with meat. Bring whatever you like - no stress. :)
    It'll be fun, I'm sure. The food is just a bonus. ;)

  2. Just goes to show , life is so good !

  3. Hi Pip

    Gee it's early to have hay fever. Angus usually suffers closer to November down here.
    Ah, loved Footrot Flats with the dog and Jess...lovely.
    I might try this meme soon.

    Been a horrible week for us - 2 funerals in 3 days, that is not fun! Bring on the weekend!

    Cheers - Joolz

  4. hehe, enjoyed that, see you tomorrow!


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