Friday, 5 June 2009

Words and pictures - Souvenirs

The sort of souvenirs I like to buy are generally food or cooking related, so they often don't last too long. I picked up these teapots in a Chinese teashop (where else) on one of our trips to Penang. I also got the little tea whatchamacallits (I don't remember what they were called) at the same time, they came wrapped up in little twists of paper and I have unwrapped one, they look a little like a very neat birds nest don't they? I remember going into the shop and looking at the teapots, then the very friendly shop assistant sat me down and made several pots of different types of tea, I tasted them and she explained all about the different types of tea, when to drink it and if there were any special attributes. I remember her talking about Pu-erh Tea, she said that ladies liked to drink it to be healthy. After all the effort she went to how could I leave empty handed.

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  1. Ohh...yes! They are irresistible, these teapot shops. The little cups are adorable, and all the paraphernalia. The tea is fantastic. Loved going to a Chinese Tea Place in Chinatown, Singapore. Sitting there with a group of friends, sipping tea and snacking on various little tidbits for hours.

  2. What great souvenirs! I love tea especially Pu-erh Tea. It's not only great tasting but also very good for you. I highly recommend it too!

  3. Hello Pip
    Bet they came home in the hand luggage:)
    Tea to me is one of the best things in life - we started buying Lung Ching years ago and thats the only leaf tea I get now.
    Take care

  4. These are the type of souvenirs I love the best too....a real *taste* of a's almost like being able to truly bring a piece of it home...
    Oh and I'm always a sucker for teas!


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